Message from our CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Takuya Murata

Now is the opportunity to export Japanese agricultural products overseas
Food safety is a theme around the world, and we believe this presents an opportunity for Japan to export high-quality, safe and reliable agricultural products to the world. Japanese agricultural products are highly regarded globally in terms of quality. When my foreign friends visit Japan, most of them are impressed by the sweetness of Japanese fruits and they try to take them back as a souvenir. In this way, the awareness of Japanese agricultural products, especially fruit, is rising overseas, but the price of Japanese agricultural products sold abroad is so high that only the affluent can buy them.

Increase price competitiveness of Japanese agricultural products and expand overseas market share
We at Global Ichiba believe that if Japanese agricultural products are price competitive overseas, export volume will expand substantially. To improve the price competitiveness of Japanese agricultural products, we have established a "Japan Agricultural Products and Food Exporting Platform" that consolidates the process from product procurement to overseas sales by our company. By maximizing cost efficiencies, we aim to supply price competitive products.

Support Japan through the export of agricultural products
Through our "Japan Agricultural Products and Food Exporting Platform," we will strive to make agriculture a major export industry in Japan and support Japan through agriculture.



Nobuyuki Idei

Will our children be able to enjoy Japanese fruits and vegetables 10 years from now? Japan’s agricultural system is currently in need of transformation. The key to that transformation will be enabling young people to discover business opportunities in agriculture and supporting them to make creative challenges.
The quality and safety of Japan’s fruits and vegetables is highly regarded worldwide and a source of pride. In a global society where quality and safety are gaining increasing focus, there is huge potential for the value of Japan’s agriculture to grow. We are at a crossroads that will determine whether or not Japanese agriculture can be transformed into a growth industry.
What we need now more than anything else is a reevaluation of Japan’s agricultural OS (operating system). Agriculture should be not something of a nostalgic past, but the promise of a bright future.
I support Global Ichiba’s efforts to be a catalyst of such a transformation.